Video Marketing Services

Professional Video Production

Dynamic, influential and authentic videos that build relationships. Digital Bard’s team of talented, approachable, and incredibly good-looking professionals specializes in creating short-format, award-winning live-action and animated marketing videos.

Video Promotion

Amplify your message through targeted, paid placement – online and off.  A well-executed video only works if people see it. And although we might like to think people will flock to your website or channel just because you’ve made a great-looking video, our experience tells another story: Without intelligent, deliberate and consistent paid placement of your video assets, your marketing plan will probably fail.

Topics for Seminars and Conferences

Sought after presentations on video marketing, video campaign design strategy and creative brainstorming.

About Digital Bard

Creatives and jesters. Learners and teachers. Gentle coffee and strong hugs. That’s what you’ll find behind the door.

Through energizing branding videos, animated product demos, and humanizing company profiles that play like a short film, our video productions help your ideal audiences get to know and trust you. Pair that with well-informed and agile video promotion, and you’ll be confident you picked the right partner.

Digital Bard was founded in 2004 and is a woman owned small business. We are also certified “Small Business Reserve” with the state of Maryland.

About Our Video Clients

Working alongside Marketing Directors and Sales Managers, we’ve crafted hundreds of dynamic, influential, and authentic videos for industries such as education, tourism, tech, manufacturing and professional services.


We also work seamlessly with agencies and brand managers that oversee the content strategy, but lack the specialized knowledge and capabilities for video.

Most of our work is less than 3 minutes in length, part of an integrated annual campaign, and viewed on website and social media platforms.


5300 Westview Dr Ste 407

Frederick, MD 21703-8375

How can we improve upon your day?

Typically, a short conversation can let both of us know if it’s worth having a longer conversation, so we encourage you to call and ask for Erich or Whitney.

If you are exploring options after hours (or are just a little shy), then please email us a few details about your project goals, timeline and budget. We’ll get back to you within one business day.